Winport online casinos allow their players to play live roulette. Playing at Winport Casino online live roulette can absolutely everyone. All you need to do is to register at the Winport online casino. This type of roulette game is prevalent among users. And that's because playing with a live dealer and other players is much more enjoyable. 

This article will tell you all about Winport casino live roulette. You can learn how to make your live roulette game more profitable. And also about the subtleties of betting in it. 

Live Roulette at Winport

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How to Play Live Roulette

The essence of the game in Winport casino live roulette practically does not differ from its classic version. But still, there are some differences. First of all, they become noticeable when looking for a free table. After all, you can not just start playing at once. You'll need to create a table or find a free one, and then you can start playing. To play, follow these steps:

  1. Register at Winport online casino using your email or phone number.
  2. Authorize using the details you provided during registration.
  3. Find live roulette in the Winport casino games library.
  4. Start live roulette, wait for the set of players, and start the exciting game.

To win at Winport Casino live roulette real money, players need to bet on the category of numbers they believe the ball will stop on. And if you can guess it, you'll get your winnings. There are quite a few kinds of bets in live roulette. But about them, we will tell you later in this article. 

Live Roulette

Live Roulette - Basic Rules and Betting limits

Players need to know its basic rules to play live roulette at Winport Casino to be profitable. The first thing you need to do to start playing roulette is to make a bet. Players can place bets until the ball in the reel begins to stop. After that, live roulette bets from Winport Casino are no longer accepted. 

Also, keep in mind that each betting in free live roulette Winport Casino has its limits. They are the same for each player. And it doesn't depend on your status at Winport online casino. Live roulette betting has both minimum limits and maximum limits. They are as follows:

  • the maximum betting limit on the inside roulette wheel is $2,500;
  • on the outer roulette wheel, the maximum bet limit is up to 5 thousand dollars;
  • there are no limits on the number of bets in live roulette from Winport Casino.

These limits are necessary because roulette is a somewhat unpredictable game. And given its odds, players can ruin the casino. According to statistics, the maximum limits on the inner wheel are lower because the ball stops there more often than not. 

The basic rules of live roulette from Winport online casino are virtually identical to its classic version. It all depends on what kind of live roulette you choose. After all, there are several of them as well. But any live roulette at Winport online casino will bring players many positive emotions.

Different types of bets

Mobile live roulette Winport Casino provides its players with a vast number of options for betting. In total, there are 38 types of direct bets. But in addition to specific numbers, players can also bet on their categories. 

Such categories in the live roulette bets from Winport Casino are also a lot. This increases the chances of players being able to win real money. The main categories of live roulette bets from Winport Casino are these:

Betting on one, two, or four numbers;

  • red or black;
  • even or odd;
  • a row or column of numbers;
  • zero.

Players can also bet on individual number cells. But it is worth remembering that the odds of winning depend on your bet. Also, categories of bets players can often combine. For example, you can guess the number that will fall out, and its color. This makes the live roulette game exciting and gives players more excitement. 

The most prominent winnings players can get when betting on the zero. This is the only green cell in roulette. But it is worth remembering that the ball's chance of stopping on this number is relatively small.


Playing Winport Casino live roulette games, you may have questions about how it works and not only. So we've compiled the most popular ones and given you our answers.

Why is live roulette better than online?

Live roulette is played in person with real players and dealers, while online roulette is played on a virtual platform with players from around the world. Both offer exciting gameplay but with different atmospheres and dynamics. Choose what suits you best and enjoy an exciting game.

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